Student Permit Renewal within Canada & Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

The student permit is issued by CIC when the applicant enters in Canada. This permit only allows students to study in Canada, but it is not a document allowing to exit and enter into Canada. The permit is usually valid for 1 year for most of the students in Canada. They need to apply for extension at the local CIC when it’s expired. Generally speaking, if the applicant is able to complete the program for the 1st year, then they will be able to extend their study permit till the date when the program is ended. On the other hand, if the study permit is not expired, but the TRV is expired, the applicant is still allowed to stay in Canada, but they can not exit and enter into the country.

TRV is a “VISA” document attached in the passport. This type of permit is to show that the holder is allowed to travel in and out of Canada. However, if the TRV is expired, but the study permit is not yet expired, they are still not allowed to exit and enter into Canada. The expiration dates are different based on different scenarios.It can be valid for 1 year and 4 years depending on the end date of the study permit.

CIC requires students to apply for renewal at least 30 days before the student permit expires. We recommend to submit the application 3 months prior of the expiration.

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