Study, Work and Immigrate in Manitoba

”ONE STOP” service  to study, work and immigrate in Manitoba

Key features about the program:

Our company provides assistance to students to find a full time job

For all college/university graduates who work in Manitoba, they might be eligible for the income tax rebates for up to 60% of the tuition fees

For high school graduates, provided that they have met all the education and work experience requirements, they might be able to obtain the permanent resident status at around the age of 21. If they wish to continue to study in Canada, they might be eligible to apply for the student loan for tuition and living expenses with no interest.Meanwhile, they can take an advantage of applying for the tuition rebate for up to 120,000 RMB

For college or university graduates, they can be more beneficial by taking this program, as the salary here is much higher than in China, provided that they have a stable job in Canada.

The applicant’s  spouse can also apply to immigrate

Once the applicant obtains the immigrant status, they might be eligible to sponsor their parents to immigrate to Canada.


High school or above (including high school education)

Under 30 years of age

Manitoba Nominee program for Business:

Fast evaluation process

Low immigration cost
Numerous advantages of the program

Owner can take self control of their business


Personal net worth is more than $CA350,000 (in fact, it is the best to have $CA600,00 net worth, which is equivalent to RMB 4 million worth of assets.The cash deposits, property, stocks and business from the whole family household can be accounted.
At least three years management or shareholder experience

Has met the 60 points requirement under the Manitoba assessment score table

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