December 20, 2016

About Us

Future Minds Consulting Inc. is a company providing quality services to international students who are from China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South America and other countries, in terms of school, accommodation, transportation and other settlement needs.

With more than 10 years overseas study experiences, we have a great understanding for international students, as well as their challenges when coming to a new country to study and live. Our mission is being a bridge across the cultures and supports for international students, and better help them adapt their life and study in Canada.

We are the “one stop” for our students to meet all their needs. We have partnerships with many schools from different levels such as language schools, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, and have gained great knowledge of the schools, the programs, the admission requirements and the application process for international students. In addition, we have a team of the professional associates/partners from different fields such as the government services, immigration lawyer/ ICCRC, real estate broker, insurance broker, financial/tax adviser, and etc., to ensure we can always deliver services to the students with high professional manners in different aspects.

What do we do?


1. We counsel with the students to find out their interests, their academic and career goals, their education and working experiences, their language skills.

2. We help them search for resources in regards to schools, housing, cultures, living environment, living costs, transportation and ect.

3. We assist them to choose the most suitable school and the program for their best interest and help them apply.

4.With the advice from our ICCRC, we would assist our students to apply the study visa for coming to Canada

5. We assist to book flights and arrange for accommodations


1. We arrange the airport pick up

2. We provide assistance for all their settlement needs, such as applying for SIN, Health card, Diver licence; opening a banking account; setting up cell phone and internet service, etc

3. We help them to get familiar with the new environment by showing them around the city, the neighborhood, the school, the shopping places, the restaurants, ect

4. We work closely with the school and the students to monitor their progress on a regular basis, and provide them supports to ensure they are making progress towards to their academic achievements and their social adaptability.

Our achievements

We have successfully placed many students to the schools, and many of our students have successfully completed their academic study with outstanding achievements. As a result, they are very satisfied with our services, and refer their friends and families to use our services.